The Pell Family

Welcome to the Pell Family Web Page!

Why is there a Pell Family Web page you might ask? Couple of reasons:

- Save Steven the trouble of updating everyone's email addresses

- So Brian can get some practice figuring out what everyone does in Silicon Valley

- Because the internet is really really great......(for all you Avenue Q fans)

- To create a private place to share family information, pictures, videos, etc. (for those that are Facebook phobic)

On the left you will see a tab for Seder 2011 videos.  Its password protected so that no one tries to download them and sell them (Pell seder bootlegs are remarkably valuable).  Your username and password are the same as the ones I told you to use in case you need to change your forwarding email address (remember those? all lowercase for this purpose).

At some point, if someone gives me the content and if I can figure out how to do it, I will add a family tree to make it easier for the next new fiancee that joins the family
but I would not hold your breath for that one. It's way beyond my skills.

If anyone has any ideas for other tabs let me know, I take requests.

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